Suzie Strauss the Timid Mouse is being bullied because she was born hearing impaired. The bullies make her life miserable. Using the Australian animal bush sign language they learned at school, they tease her and call her nasty names. 

Just when she thinks she can't bear the bullying anymore, along comes her friend, Wendy the Friendly Grasshopper with a solution. Wendy takes her to see Dr Mavis the Magical Butterfly Doctor. After a special operation, Suzie Strauss can hear!

Will Suzie Strauss stand up to the bullies, now that she has found her voice?

Suzie Strauss the Timid Mouse Finds Her Voice by Kate Pennington shows how hurtful and unfair teasing can be to someone. But if we stand up to bullies together, it's possible to change their behaviour. They just need to be shown how. Kate hopes that her Beyond a Joke series of children's books will help create a domino effect of kindness.

Suzie Strauss the Timid Mouse Finds Her Voice (5)