Eddie the Emu was once a happy and outgoing little emu. But shortly after he started the new year at school, he became quiet and anxious. He didn’t want to go to school anymore. 

His best friend, Penny the Glamorous Peacock, cares about her friend very much. She convinces him to tell her why he’s so sad. She discovers he is being bullied by some other kids when he walks home from school. Penny encourages Eddie to tell his parents. 

Don’t Stare at my Underwear – it’s Rude by Kate Pennington shows children that if someone is hurting them, the best option is to tell someone they trust. It urges children to be brave, despite feeling frightened, to put an end to the bullying. Kate hopes that her Beyond a Joke series of children’s books will help create a domino effect of kindness.

Don't Stare at My Underwear - It's Rude (2)