Barry the Bubbly Brumby lives on his own, his family all having gone to heaven. Even though he is on his own he is still happy and loves to tell jokes and make others happy.


The three thieves want everything that Barry's Mum saved awfully hard for him to have before she went to heaven. The three thieves are very unkind and make Barry incredibly sad and sometimes very frightened.


Thankfully, Barry has some truly kind and honest friends named Jan, Terry and Peter and they won't let anything happen to Barry. They promised Barry's Mum they would take care of him and protect him.


Barry and the Three Thieves by Kate Pennington teaches children that an intellectual disability can simply be someone having difficulties with problem solving and so they learn at a slower rate than others, like Barry. They can still play games and join in activities and do very well at lots of things.

Barry and the three thieves