This service provided by Beyond A Joke Incorporated provides a themed morning or afternoon tea based on the characters from one of our children’s books. Our books teach children the importance of being kind, resilient, respectful--and so much more--towards themselves and others.


Parents will be provided with several consent forms sign:

  1. A form allowing their child to partake in the activities.

  2. A form for parents and caregivers giving consent for their child to consume food provided by Beyond A Joke, Inc.  

  3. Parents will be provided with a media consent form for the use of photographs/video captured on the day for promotional purposes.


Topics to be discussed include:

  • Self-Esteem

  • Good Manners

  • Respect

  • Kindness

  • Bullying

  • Truth

  • Resilience

  • And more...we can tailor talks and workshops to individual needs identified by your school.


This service is educational, interactive, fun and empowering for Kindergarten to Year 6 primary school aged children.


Beyond A Joke Inc. will provide a morning or afternoon tea that includes activities like arts and craft, storytelling and discussions. Children will be able to make a character from one of the books.


A small gift bag will be provided for each child to take home. Each gift bag will include a copy of the discussion presented by a Beyond A Joke Incorporated staff member. Our books will be available for purchase on that day. Sales from our books will help us continue to provide our community services.

Click on each grid below to see some of our books.

Our books are educational, fun and interactive. At the end of each story book is a group discussion between teachers and students. Children will learn about the their feelings and the feelings of others, allowing them to cultivate a spirit of compassion, respect and kindness towards others.