This program may be an after school program for a defined period of time e.g. 8 weeks. The program aims at developing school leaders who champion kindness, respect and tolerance in the school community with the goal of prevent bullying.

The school leaders set the example and support other students to follow their lead.


This program may be combined with the ‘Community Spirit Lifters Program’, where the 'Champions' may select a charity that is meaningful to the group, and the group organizes fundraising efforts to give back to the community and to the school.


The 8 week programs are supported by Beyond A Joke Incorporated staff. The peer leaders help to create a domino effect of kindness in the school community, and will also help to mentor the next group of up-and-coming champions; allowing the program to be self-sustaining.


At the end of program, we will have a presentation at school, where we'll present on the evaluation and achievement of the program. The students will be given a chance to speak about the program, and what they gained from it. They will also be awarded a Participation Certificate.


The School Leadership and Champion Programs






The leadership program supports peer leaders to:

  • Build self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills

  • Understand the importance of showing kindness, compassion, and tolerance to others

  • Develop listening skills

  • Develop respect for all, the school, students, teachers, and parents

  • Understand that it is okay to ask for help

  • Understand the importance of honesty and integrity -  always do the right thing (Honesty is the best Policy)


Beyond A Joke Incorporated has worked very hard to build a reliable community service that provides many benefits to schools and communities. We look forward to providing our services to assist students, teachers and schools, as well as communities and community fund raising projects.

Most importantly our program allows teachers to teach while parents and students have Beyond A Joke Incorporated to turn to. Beyond A Joke will liaise with parents and report incidents and solutions directly to school Principal on a weekly basis.



Beyond A Joke Incorporated groups for teenagers was founded to honour the memory of Bruce Alan Pennington, a 17 year old teenager who found a way through drugs, to lessen the pain of torment that unfortunately took his young life. The number of young people ending their own lives by suicide continues to grow. It is from this basis that the Founder and Director, Kate Pennington, Bruce Pennington’s sister, decided it was time to act and form a community group to prevent bullying and support those affected by bullying.


At Beyond A Joke Incorporated we believe face to face support is of the utmost importance during times of deep emotional stress caused by bullying. Without face to face support during this time, young people may slip into serious and persistent mental illness, and risk loss of life due to suicide or other addictions related to the trauma of bullying.

Bullying is a significant factor in the suicide of young people. Bullying is a causative factor in the development of mental illness and in particular eating disorders. Bullying of marginalised young people was a major cause of poor well-being. Young people who are marginalised, e.g. with a disability, young carers and C.A.L.D. are three times more likely to experience bullying.


Beyond A Joke (BAJ) aims to prevent bullying related suicide, to improve resilience and well-being of people affected by bullying; to promote kindness and community awareness of the impacts of bullying.

Beyond A Joke (BAJ) offers an early intervention school program that teaches kindness, and promotes the concept of community giving. This program aims to create mentally strong, resilient and kind teenagers, which will have the long term benefit of a reduction in community violence, reducing future workplace bullying and domestic violence.

The school program includes a leadership program that develops school champions to lead the anti-bullying initiatives of the school community.


BAJ supports, the student champions to educate peers about bullying, to promote the BAJ values of kindness, respect, honesty and integrity. Referral pathways to specialist mental health services are provided as needed.