"Bullying hurts everyone."

"I witnessed my father try to commit suicide at the age of 12 so I learnt at a very young age how fragile human beings really are. Looking into his eyes I felt like I could feel his pain deep within his soul.


My brother found our childhood very difficult and turned to heroin which took his life at age 17. He was a very kind and caring young person who loved judo, and learning how to become a carpenter but the parent bullying was too much for him.


People need to know that any sort of violence, bullying intimidation etc., can lead someone to looking at unhealthy ways to cope as my brother did.


I certainly don’t hate my father or want to berate him for what he did as I feel from the fear I saw in his eyes at such a young age that he was frightened of life itself. He turned to alcohol as a way to cope but the alcohol ended up bullying him."

"All it takes to make a big difference is kindness."

Kate has worked for many years in long day care centers, preschools and kindergartens. She has managed before-and-after school centers as well as a nanny agency. Furthering her skills, Kate studied adolescents with behavioral problems. Soon after, she became a foster mother by opening her home as emergency accommodation for adolescents.

Kate Pennington created Beyond A Joke Incorporated in her brother’s memory to assist with teenagers facing bullying today as well as adults enduring workplace bullying.


Kate’s aim is to empower people and build them up to be strong, compassionate and caring human beings. Beyond A Joke is creating a domino effect of kindness throughout communities to outweigh the negative effects of aggression and bullying.


She is an author of several books and her autobiography will be available soon.

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"Together, we get to make a difference."

Beyond A Joke Incorporated was born within her mind but grew out of her heart. It was Kate's faith and belief that God would help her build Anti-Bullying Centers that kept her going against all odds. 

"Work place bullying is more rampant than you think."

-The chances of your child, or you, getting bullied are high-

Ms Pennington has endured two severe bouts of workplace bullying starting in her thirties. In her forties she was bullied so severely in the workplace she ended up with a fractured bone in her foot. Overcome with anxiety and depression, she lost her home and everything she had worked for. She ended up becoming a bag lady on the street.

With her depression so severe Kate entertained suicidal thoughts. She wanted something that would end her life of worthlessness, fear and homelessness. However, something made her change her mind whilst she was mindlessly walking and staring at the cliff from which she'd planned to jump off. Kate decided to have faith and fight her way out of the gutter so she could prevent others from the same fate.