‘Creating A Domino Effect of Kindness’

Our aim is to be the catalyst for change in the area of bullying by providing a range of services to identify and minimize bullying in all its forms. By preventing bullying and suicide in a positive and non-violent manner, we hope to create a domino effect of kindness that outweighs the negative impacts of bullying.


Our school programs, bullying centres and events allow us to raise awareness about bullying without naming, blaming or shaming. 


Beyond A Joke Inc. is dedicated to creating a bully-free future for everyone; especially for our children.


With compassion and genuine concern for others, Beyond A Joke Inc. seeks to guide and lessen the burden of others by empowering them with the knowledge, skills and tools on how to identify, face and overcome all forms of bullying.

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1 in 4 students in Australian schools is affected by bullying. 

Over 200 million children and youths encounter peer bullying worldwide.

Children who are bullied are seven to nine times more likely to consider suicide.

1 in 5 Australian child has experienced cyber bullying which usually has devastating consequences.

It is of high priority for every community and every government to create and help implement strong policies and strategies against bullying.


This is one of the reasons why Beyond A Joke is passionate and dedicated about creating a safe space where we can all strengthen, uplift and empower one another with kindness and compassion.


Join us today! Support our efforts to give back and strength our communities. Your tax deductible contributions, are never insignificant when it comes to the life of a child or an individual. Contact us today for more information.